Nature’s remedy

It is crucial that your skin not only stays well hydrated but also that your mineral levels remain optimal to fight free radicals caused by air pollution and various other toxic environmental factors. Minerals are essential in helping to protect and repair your body.

Volcanic soil is renowned for its richness in quality minerals. Our vines are rooted deep in the volcanic soil of Mount Etna, where the air is clean and crisp, producing the highest quality grapes containing these essential minerals in abundance.

Sustainable skincare

Annacare cosmetics is committed to sustainability and minimising our carbon footprint through the use of natural and biodegradable elements. Our grapes are pressed for our wines and our grape skins are the essential ingredient in our cosmetic products, leaving nothing to waste. Our packaging is made from recycled materials for a cleaner, greener world.


Inspired by Anne-Louise Mikkelsen’s active lifestyle powered by nutrition and exercise, Annacare cosmetics is designed for eco-conscious warrior women and men who seek a natural skincare regime. Made in Italy, our skincare products are pure and sustainable. 

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