Our Mission

“As a mother and entrepreneur, I wanted to create a simple, natural beauty range for women and men who lead a busy and active lifestyle. Annacare natural cosmetics help women and men preserve their skin while helping to preserve the planet."

Anne-Louise Mikkelsen, Founder & CEO Annacare

Our products are free from harmful dyes, parabens, petrolatum and silicones.

Sustainable skincare

Inspired by Anne-Louise Mikkelsen's active lifestyle powered by nutrition and exercise, Annacare cosmetics are designed for eco-conscious warrior women and men who seek a natural skincare regime. Made in Italy, our products are pure and sustainable. Read more

Scientifically Proven

Our products are natural and made with local grape skin extracts containing resveratrol, a powerful polyphenol compound with antioxidant properties, scientifically proven to fight free radical molecules responsible for the ageing of the skin. Read more

Natural Beauty


Sustainable skincare

Your 4-step beauty routine