Skincare routine: The basics

Having a healthy and glowing skin may be effortless for some, but it is not that straightforward for most of us – and we, at Annacare, are here to help.

There are, of course, many factors that can contribute to the makeup of your skin, from pure genetics to lifestyle. However, we also firmly believe that having a good, consistent and enjoyable skincare routine forms the key starting point to a beautiful complexion. 

Follow our easy step-by-step skincare routine to will help you bring balance back to your skin and keep it that way. It is all about transforming your daily routine into a very personal and delightful ritual while getting the basics right.


Cleanse to remove impurities and wake-up the skin. The cleanser should be super gentle and pH balanced, to leave the skin comfortable and soft.

Tone The second and final cleansing step; this refreshes and moisturises the skin. A toner should always leave the skin luminous and hydrated... almost dewy!

Moisturise every day to restore the water level of the skin and regain a smooth and radiant complexion. Don’t forget the neck and eye area!


Deep cleanse or double cleanse the skin to get rid of the daily grime and dead cells. Expect your skin to feel cleansed, soft and nurtured.

Tone to restore the skin’s pH and complete the cleansing step.

Time for a skin treat with a serum and/or night cream. The treatment depends on your skin’s needs.


Exfoliate once or twice a week to stimulate the skin’s renewal functions. Your exfoliator should be soft and non-abrasive, this will ensure it reveals a more even skin tone with a finer texture.

Apply a mask twice a week according to your skin type. Take the time you need to let the mask do its job and just relax. This is another of our favourite steps as it guarantees immediate results: a refreshed and glowing complexion.

Enjoy your beauty regimen and remember to listen to your skin and adjust your routine depending on your skin concerns.

With love,