Pollution and your skin: what you need to know

Amongst the many culprits that negatively affect the general well-being and appearance of your skin, pollution ranks quite high. Skin is an incredibly complex organ; composed of multiple layers it forms a protective barrier against the outside world.

If you live in a densely populated area, you have probably heard many times how important it is to protect your skin against pollution, toxins and UV exposure. That is why, today, we’re investigating the effects pollution has on the skin and reveal the top beauty tips to protect and beautify your skin.

What’s the damage?

When we refer to pollution, we often mean a whole range of aggressors: ozone, smog, volatile organic compounds, particulate matters, and cigarette smoke to name a few.

A skin that is overexposed to urban pollution sees a succession of reactions within the skin tissue resulting from the generation of free radicals. The damaged cells then trigger inflammatory responses which can worsen any pre-existing skin conditions.

In general, the most visible cutaneous manifestations resulting from pollution are wrinkles and pigmentations changes, partly originating from an increase in elastin and collagen degradation. In addition, the skin may become drier and more prone to redness.

The solutions

Besides using sunscreen and antioxidant serums that combat free radicals, it is crucial to establish a good skincare routine that aims at strengthening the defensive functions of the skin. Here is a simple beauty routine: double cleanse your skin every evening to remove dirt, debris, and make-up and follow up with a potent serum with botanical actives that improve your skin’s suppleness. Finally, massage a moisturiser and SPF cream onto your face focusing on areas around your eyes, lips and neck.

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