The one ingredient to avoid in your skincare products

Finding beauty products that only contain the right ingredients – gentle, green and beneficial for the skin – isn’t as straightforward as we’d like it to be. Although you may be getting more familiar with product label reading, we’re sure there are still some ingredients you don’t recognise. However, it’s very important to get to know all the ingredients that are most harmful to your skin in order to avoid long term damage.

Today, we’re focusing on one of the most commonly used ingredients: sodium lauryl/dodecyl sulfate (SLS) and explain why it’s best to avoid it in your skincare products.

Skin hydration is crucial to keeping your complexion looking radiant and healthy. Ensuring your natural skin barrier is not disturbed by harsh detergents is the first step in keeping a balanced and calm skin. Among the plethora of harsh ingredients often used in the beauty industry, you’ve no doubt come across SLS (perhaps without even noticing it).

SLS is commonly found in personal care goods, ranging from household cleaning to beauty products. It’s classified as an anionic detergent and is made of two parts: a hydrophilic part and an oily queue that helps lifting oils. Because of its cleansing actions and low price, SLS is a top choice for manufacturing companies. What they don’t tell you is that it’s a harsh ingredient that isn’t kind to your skin: it strips its natural oils which results in a loss of skin moisture and also leads to irritation and dryness.

Obviously, we carefully formulated all of our products to ensure that none contain SLS. This way you can shop with us, worry-free!

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