Restore your skin after Summer

After lounging in the sunshine, bathing in salted water and relaxing in the heat and humidity of Summer, it’s time to reset your beauty programme! Follow these simple steps to get a smooth and revitalised complexion.

Recharge moisture

Your skin may feel dryer than usual, so replenish and hydrate it by applying a good moisturiser. If your skin still needs some extra love, then our lush serum is the product you need. Designed to help speed up the skin’s repair process, it bears incredible results and makes it a great post-Summer healing product.

Tone down those age spots

Sun exposure can cause the apparition of age spots and dark patches on your skin. To improve on uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation, you can use products that contain brightening ingredients such as Sea Bucktorn oil or root extracts. 

Refresh the area around your eyes

Often forgotten, the area around your eyes deserves special treatment! The skin is delicate and often prone to dehydration, especially when the weather is hot. Erase fatigue and fine lines by massaging a light cream for a brighter and younger look. Your best bet is to look for one that is rich in antioxidants, which combat free radicals.

Be gentle

You shouldn’t be surprised to see that your skin can become more sensitive than usual after Summer, hot weather can be tough on your skin. So don’t be harsh, especially with your cleansing routine. A gentle massage and a soap-free cleanser are key to restoring your skin’s natural balance. It’s all about respecting your skin’s natural needs, while simultaneously improving its condition.

With love,