3 simple exercises to tone your legs before the Summer

Summer and its long sunny days are slowly approaching and we couldn’t be more excited about it! Strolls on sandy beaches or simple lazy afternoons in the garden are probably some of our favourite activities. Bikinis and short dresses replace jeans and leggings, so why not use the last few weeks before the Summer to tone your legs just a touch more? After all, strong is the new skinny.

We have put together the top 3 exercises to help improve the firmness of your legs and glutes. Are you ready to take the challenges?

Leg squats

Squats are great exercises if you want your legs to become leaner, fitter and stronger. Not only do they strengthen your legs and glutes, but they also help you to acquire a stronger core. How to do it? Stand and put your feet a few centimeters more than hip width apart. Bend backwards at the knees as if you were about to sit back into chair. Keep your chest lifted and your back straight. Put your arms in front of you, to hold yourself steady and balanced. Make sure to keep your knees behind your toes. For best results perform 15 moves followed by a break and repeat twice.

Side lunges

Side lunges are a great workout that not only strengthen the leg muscles but also your glutes and hip flexors. Stand and take a big step out to the side, bend and then straighten your body. Bring your outside leg back to centre and then repeat. Make sure to keep one leg bent and the other straight all the way through the exercise movement. Your chest must be open and your hands placed on your hips to maintain your balance. Complete 15 repetitions back and forth on each leg.

Leg lifts

This workout is particularly effective in boosting the glute muscles while working on your core. Best is to have a soft mattress or yoga mat to do this exercise to protect your knees. Start kneeling on all fours with your arms extended under your shoulders, knees bent under the hips and one leg extended backwards in an L shape. Make sure your back is straight and not curved while your core is squeezed tight and firm. Lift the extended leg all the way up towards the ceiling then lower towards the floor, and repeat 15 times for each leg.

Perform these simple exercises a few times per week and you are guaranteed to be Summer-ready just in time!

With love,