The essentials for your beauty routine in your 40s

We all know that skin in the 40’s doesn’t look quite the same as in your 30’s or 20’s. Fine lines, dark spots and other skin irregularities are some of the challenges that need to be addressed. The 40’s also mark the beginning of pre-menopause and all the hormone fluctuations it triggers. As a result, the skin starts to become visibly less firm due to the decrease of some essential skin proteins, such as elastin and collagen. Today, we are going to share our top beauty tips to help you take care of your skin and help you to correct the damage that has accumulated over the years.

Invest in a good firming serum

Age increases the breakage of very valuable skin proteins such as elastin and collagen resulting in skin appearing less plump and toned. It can actually end up looking saggy. In addition, skin appears less hydrated and bright. Annacare’s serum booster is a natural elixir rich in polyphenols. It combines powerful antioxidant and hydrating ingredients that improve the skin’s elasticity and leave it feeling soft and radiant. In addition, its strong antioxidant action counteracts the formation of free radicals, for an intense anti-ageing effect. The one main step to add into your skincare routine regularly is to integrate a good serum, rich in firming and replenishing ingredients. 

Nurture your skin daily

By your 40’s, your skin shows signs of dehydration as water has less protein to interact with. Boost your daily moisture levels by applying a rich moisturizer daily that will reinforce the skin protective functions. Annacare’s moisturizing face cream is the solution! It is an active natural anti-ageing cream rich in polyphenols. It improves the skin’s elasticity, leaving it replenished and smooth.

Don’t forget your hair

Ageing doesn’t only affect your skin. It also leads to more fragile and breakable hair that is difficult to manage due to hormone changes. In order to keep it happy and shiny, first nourish your hair from within, by making sure your diet is iron- and vitamin B-filled. Also invest in a good hair thickening spray to style your hair while reinforcing its structure, making it shinier and more manageable. 

With love,