Get your skin ready for Spring

It is finally time to say au revoir to big jumpers and wooly scarves. Let’s embrace lighter layers of clothing to happily welcome milder temperatures and longer days. Hello Spring!

We have compiled some top beauty rules to follow, to help you transition your beauty routine from Winter to Spring without any hassle.

Plan an at home spa day

Get rid of dull skin and bring a glow and radiance back, by taking some time to enjoy an at-home pampering session. It will leave your skin feeling brighter and ready to take on those sunny days.

Switch for lightweight textures

Sunnier days mean you probably will need to change up your cream. Switch your daily moisturiser for a lighter version that will still keep your skin glowing and plump. 

Sunscreen is a must-have

In Spring, the UV index is still high. Since UV rays are responsible for premature ageing, among other nasty things, always protect your skin with a broad spectrum sunscreen to block radiation and keep your skin happy with Annacare’s sunscreen with 30 SPF!

Boost your skin with antioxidants

Beautiful skin also comes from within. Spring is the perfect time to start boosting your antioxidant intake by favouring colourful fruits and veggies in your diet. It will help restore your skin’s radiance and support its natural defense mechanisms. Combine a supergreen diet with our top antioxidant-rich skincare products for ultimate results. For instance, Annacare’s serum booster with natural elixir rich in polyphenols combines powerful antioxidant and hydrating ingredients that improve the skin’s elasticity and leave it feeling soft and radiant.

Calm your skin when needed

Changes in weather can also feel a little unpredictable for the skin. To deal with any anticipated redness or other imbalances that may occur during these changes, restore some calm during the day or evening by spraying a comforting mist rich in soothing ingredients. 

With love,