Top beauty tips for combination or oily skin

Hot and sunny weather can play havoc with combination or oily skins: extra-shine and skin that feels uncomfortable are often the price you pay. But we’ve got you covered. In addition to our general skin care advice, we have compiled the top 6 beauty tips to keep your complexion clear and flawless during Spring!

Cleanse completely

Cleanse your face thoroughly in the evening using a deep cleansing product that contains powerful natural purifying ingredients such as green clay, lactic acid or Manuka honey. Your skin needs be purified, and cleared of dirt and excess sebum without becoming overwhelmed or feeling tight. 

Switch to lightweight formulas

A gel-based organic moisturiser will keep your face hydrated without getting too greasy or sticky. 

Protect your skin from UVA/UVB with mineral sunblock

Organic sunscreens generally contain zinc oxide that not only acts as a great defense against UV rays, but also improves your skin’s healing process.

Go light with makeup and foundation

If you can't go without a little makeup, choose textures that are light, weightless or even powdery. The rule? Don’t overdo it! Mineral makeup is the one to go for, as it generally contains pure skin-friendly minerals that don’t overpower your skin tone.

Use blotting papers to beat that extra shine

Simply apply the sheet on the needed area and it will immediately absorb any excess oil.

Clay masks are a great way to balance skin without drying it out

Once or twice a week, use a clay face mask to gently purify your skin. Adding a teaspoon of raw honey to your mask will make your skin even smoother and moisturised! 

With love,