5 changes to make you feel amazing

Keeping up with a routine can sometimes be tough. Especially when the happy, yet overwhelming, festive season approaches. The business of this time of year can leave you feeling stressed out and that’s the last thing we want as we approach the end of the year.  

To help you avoid festive season burn-out we’ve provided a list of 5 easy tips to keep yourself feeling serene and relaxed throughout December. 

Be kind to yourself

At times, we can be pretty  harsh with  ourselves. Remember to accept and cherish who you are, without being  critical. You are special even through your ups and downs, the good and the bad all make up the awesome person that you are.  

Enjoy a Spa-at-home day

This is by far a favourite of ours when we’re feeling a little down. A pampering session is an immediate and effective way to reconnect with yourself while caring for your body. Take a wonderfully therapeutic and invigorating shower or bath – luxurious textures and delightful scents to relax the mind, body and soul.

Go for a walk

Take five minutes out of your day, breathe deeply, and appreciate what’s out there. This will allow your brain and body to release stress, by reconnecting with  nature, which is certain to restore a little calm in your life. 

Get better at planning

Time management is a skill that’s not always easy to master unless we practice it. Whether you’re a natural or not, planning activities or me-time in advance is a must-do, as you’ll avoid last minute scrambles. And it’s just so nice to have something to look forward to!

Disconnect from the digital world now and then

Putting your phone down or ditching your laptop will help you live in the now for a little while. This is sure to improve your focus and restore inner balance. Not easy for some of us, but we promise it increases your chance of feeling rested and less stressed.


With love,