A non-stop day filled with way too many computer screens and being constantly connected. Sound familiar? In this always-on world, it seems all of us long for the opportunity to just slow down a little. Well, wish granted – meet Slow Beauty! Inspired by the slow food movement, Slow Beauty was born and it turns out to be much more than a fleeting trend.

If you are new to it, we’ve got all the information you need to get to grips with this exciting new concept. And maybe you’ll just want to jump on the bandwagon!

The theory

Slow Beauty is a process that promotes self-love in response to a stressful environment. It helps calm the soul, while gradually teaching you how to move away from quick fix beauty solutions into a space where self-care and healing routines are central to your beauty regimen.

Slow Beauty is an opportunity to reconnect with your body’s core needs when it comes to beauty. It also redefines our consumption and routine. It is an invitation to question your lifestyle and its effect on your skin, and reflect on what is most beneficial for your body and your surroundings. It is almost like going back to the basics, to authenticity, by using a holistic approach.

In practice

Privilege organic beauty brands that offer pure yet highly effective productsYou may want to integrate floral waters or pure cold-pressed botanical oils into your routine.

Give yoga a tryYoga is a discipline that offers endless benefits for the body and mind. Using meditation and breathing techniques, yoga helps you let go of stress, and it improves your posture, flexibility and mood.

Set time aside for a luxurious Spa-at-home day. Zen vibes to your mind, a glow to your face and serenity to your body.

Remember to take time for yourself, treat yourself kindly …and slowly!

With love,