Cold weather and your skin

Cold weather is challenging for your body, not to mention the additional stress it brings for your skin. As it gets drier, your face can become itchy and begin to flake. These symptoms result from a lack of moisture in the air, the drop in temperatures and also the decrease of natural oils that are robbed from your skin surface because of these harsh conditions.

So, what’s to be done? Just follow our skin survival guide for making it through a cold winter.


Slather it on! A well-formulated moisturiser, rich in hydrating ingredients and oily actives, will soothe your skin and lock in water, preventing any further signs of dryness. More importantly, it will ensure that the barrier function is not impaired.


Soften your hands by feeding them nourishing ingredients. Adopting a proper hand care routine is key for silky-smooth hands.


Invest in a humidifier. It may seem odd at first but the benefits of a home humidifier are numerous: it injects more moisture into the air and prevents your skin from becoming chapped and unhappy. Additionally, keep your indoor heating under control – it should ideally not be above 21C.

Enrich your diet

Follow an Omega-3 rich diet that includes oily fish, safflower oil and nuts to boost your skin’s natural defenses and repairing processes.

Be kind to your skin

Avoid long hot baths or steamy showers. Instead, opt for lukewarm water that will appease your skin without stripping it of its natural oils. Also, soft Winter clothes are a must. Favour fabrics made of organic cotton that aren’t irritants, especially if they’re in direct contact with your skin.

Dress sensibly

When it comes to dressing warmly and comfortably, nothing beats the lushness of cashmere. Not only will it protect you from harsh temperatures, it is also super light and kind to your skin. Cashmere comes with a higher price tag, but we’re all for investing in sustainable quality (particularly from recycled alternatives) that can last a lifetime. Say bye to those itchy jumpers!


With love,