Our Story

Anne-Louise Mikkelsen first travelled to Mount Etna, Sicily, in 2008 and fell in love with the wines and the region. After several years working in the industry and making wine in Tuscany, the Danish-born winemaker purchased her own vineyard on the foothills of Mount Etna, and in 2013 Tenuta di Aglaea was born. 

Tenuta di Aglaea’s vines are grown on the North face of Mount Etna - an isolated area roughly 1000m above sea level where the air is clean and crisp. The region has been producing wines for centuries, and Anne-Louise is honoured to continue the ancient tradition.

She always dreamed of developing her own natural cosmetics line using the antioxidant-rich grape skins from her Tenuta di Aglaea vineyards. In keeping with her passion for sustainability, the grapes pressed for Tenuta di Aglaea wines are used in Annacare beauty products, minimising waste by creating two products from the same natural ingredient.

The Annacare natural cosmetics range is made using Tenuta di Aglaea’s grape skin extracts which contain resveratrol - a powerful polyphenol compound with antioxidant properties, scientifically proven to fight free radical molecules responsible for the ageing of the skin. All of our products are made exclusively in Italy.