Why keeping your skin moisturised is so important

Moisturising should be one of the key basic steps in your beauty routine, but it’s not always clear why it is so important. This article will tell you why, and how you can do it more efficiently. 

Some background

Skin has a very complex structure, composed of multiple layers and made with different types of cells. Its role is to protect the body from external aggression (microbes and toxins) but also to help keep your body temperature stay constant.

Your skin’s cell renewal cycle is approximately 28 days. The cells migrate upwards from the most inner layer to the most outer layer of the skin (called stratum corneum) to finally shed, thanks to the action of specific enzymes.

There are a plethora of molecules in the skin and various parameters that maintain the moisture or water level. For example, you may have heard of water-retaining ceramides, water channel proteins called aquaporins or water-loving hyaluronic acid. All these molecules help your skin stay hydrated. 

The Why

There are 3 good reasons why it is important to keep your skin hydrated.

Better appearance - The skin’s suppleness and radiant look is dependent on its water content. Water in the skin is bound to macromolecules. And this interaction between water and molecules, alongside the flow of water between the skin layers, is crucial for a smooth and plump skin appearance.

Better functioning - A hydrated skin is a happy skin that “works” better. Many skin cellular processes, such as desquamation (also called cell shedding), are dependent on the water content within the epidermis.

Better protection - Keeping skin hydrated is the best way to prevent any skin barrier disorders (when the skin self-repair mechanisms slow down), which often result in local inflammation and infection, and the skin looking dry and flaky. 

The How

There are simple ways to keep your skin hydrated and younger-looking from the inside out.

- Switch to a very gentle cleanser and always apply a moisturiser in the morning. Keeping the integrity of the skin barrier is critical to avoid excessive water loss, and maintaining the right hydration level.

Look for moisturising ingredients in your beauty products such as urea, glycerin, Vitamin B3 or Aloe vera.

Drink plenty of water. You probably already know this, but it is always good to remind ourselves now and then!

Green your table and welcome water. Include antioxidant-rich veggies and fruit in your diet such as refreshing cucumber, mouth-watering watermelon or organic grown radishes.

With love,