Hand care: the complete guide

We often forget about our hands when it comes to our beauty routine. Frequently exposed to various environmental stresses and daily tasks, they can become fragile and easily irritated. So, they do deserve attention, care and love!

Follow these simple steps to keep your hands looking beautiful:

Choose a moisturising hand wash

Washing your hands often is essential for many health reasons but this can lead to skin dehydration, so it’s wise to buy a SLS-free product. This will cleanse and soften your skin at the same time, preventing any signs of dryness. 

Hand cream is a must-have especially during colder months

Our nourishing hand cream softens cuticles and soothes dry areas, while hydrating and protecting your skin. The cream provides immediate relief, especially if your skin tends to be sensitive.

Dab some SPF cream on your hands when it’s sunny

We’re becoming better at protecting our face against UV rays by using broad spectrum sunscreen or moisturisers, but our hands are often forgotten. A good trick is to massage excess product onto your hands to protect against visible signs of ageing, and to prevent uneven skin.

Protect your hands with gloves

Washing, gardening, DIY? Gloves act as a great barrier against dirt, strong detergents or rough conditions. Don’t forget to use them!

Stay clear of hand sanitizers

Although practical when outdoor or travelling, their high alcohol content can lead to skin dehydration and roughness. In most cases, soap and water remains the best option when it comes to reducing microbes.

With love,