Cosmetic acupuncture: the traditional Chinese Medicine approach

Acupuncture is one of the most popular traditional Chinese Medicine practices used to treat and heal health problems. In the last few years, we’ve seen an emerging practice in the “pro-ageing” natural beauty scene: cosmetic acupuncture. It’s said to be great for various skin concerns.

Unsure of the benefits of cosmetic acupuncture and whether it really is good for your skin? No worries! Let’s take a closer look at this interesting practice, and see if it really should have a role in beauty care.

The theory

Cosmetic acupuncture uses a holistic approach to address skin concerns and re-establish the body’s harmony, by placing needles at key points on the face. This technique is a great way of naturally diminishing internal stressors, dealing with underlying imbalances and ultimately regaining a more healthy skin.

As an affordable, non-invasive and a great alternative to Botox, cosmetic acupuncture helps to tremendously improve the general wellbeing of the skin. It works by stimulating blood flow and circulation, improving skin elasticity, tightening and opening up the eye area. Moreover, it can instantly create a glowing complexion while helping to prevent any further signs of ageing skin.

In practice

A session, which can last up to 1 hour, generally comprises of needle treatment and is sometimes followed by a Chinese herbal mask as a healing post-treatment.

Ultra-thin needles are inserted in precise vortex points of the face. These areas are where energy is stored and channeled to and from internal organs. Although not painful, the dermal needle insertion causes minor skin trauma that stimulates collagen and skin-repairing reactions.

A few sessions are necessary to see long-term results but a more luminous skin is often noticeable after the first session.

Are you up for it?

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