Anti-ageing or pro-ageing: 2 perspectives

The anti-ageing beauty market is booming and all current trends suggest it will  continue to do so. Surprisingly, the interest in anti-ageing products seems to start earlier than it used to – women in their early 20’s are already on the lookout for products that will keep wrinkles at bay.

At the same time, an opposing stream of thinking has begun to emerge: the pro-ageing revolution! There are women who want to enjoy their age and their aim is to appear healthy and happy rather than looking younger ‘perfect’. They appreciate the grace and wisdom that comes with age, and they’re happy for their wrinkles to tell a story of a life well lived.   

Here at Annacare, we like to work with time rather than against it. We embrace and work with each feature ageing brings, and not reject it. We’ve adopted a pro-ageing attitude to fully accept the way we are and will become. We’re happy to free ourselves from the pressure of always looking younger, and are ready to reveal our genuine beauty. 

Our following products have anti-ageing effects: the moisturizing face cream, the exfoliating face scrub, the serum booster, the lip balm and the aftershave.

With love,