Weekend on the slopes?

If you’re a mountain lover in need of the fresh air that you can only find on the slopes, but you’re worried about the effect the cold air will have on your skin, worry no more! In today’s article we’re going to share the golden beauty rules for snowy weather, so that you can enjoy your ski time at your favourite resort.

Rescue your skin

At high altitudes, your skin will be exposed to extreme UV radiation so ensure you’ve always got a broad spectrum sunscreen handy to keep your skin protected from the harsh sun rays bouncing off the snow. Apply the sunblock generously on all exposed areas, especially your lips, before hitting the slopes!

Shield your eyes

Snow has the uncanny ability to reflect sun rays upwards. What you might not realise is that the reflected sunlight can burn unprotected eyes and the fragile skin around it. Wearing sunglasses is essential for a number of reasons; not only do they keep vision clear, they also lessen the drying effect of the wind and reduce surface damage to skin and cornea from the sun glare. Healthy eyes are beautiful eyes!

Cocoon your lips

Lips are a very vulnerable part of the face and are generally the first casualties to harsh weather conditions. Chapped and cracked lips aren’t very pretty and what’s worse, they can be really painful. So keeping them protected should be one of your main priorities. Using a balm consistently can transform chapped lips into supple and smooth ones. The rule? Re-apply as often as you need to!

Recharge your skin

Fresh air, snow and sun, while revitalising for the mind and body, can be very rough conditions for the skin. When you’re snug and indoors for the evening, it’s the perfect time to relax and pamper your skin. Comfort your skin and replenish vital nutrients with a luxurious serum and face cream. Apply it to immediately soothe and repair tired skin. 

With love,